Hi, I'm brandi.

Problem-solver. Tastemaker. Innovator.

Bruce Lee says, "Be water." This means I form to your vision, your cup. Of course I won't use Comic Sans, unless you're an eight-year-old girl wanting a birthday invitation with unicorns and hearts. With over 15 years of professional experience, I'm a top shelf bottle, skilled with the latest technology and immersed in the latest trends.

I'm an award-winning art director and designer with a rad eye for detail. I'm credited with being weird, driving sales, increasing brand awareness, and elevating customer experience / usability through smart, well-executed design. I'm committed to creating award-winning media, on time, with exceptional quality.


Brand Identity
Art Direction
Print + Editorial Design
Web Design
UX + UI Design
Social Marketing
App Design
Product Development
Scenic Design
Corporate Design

Letís create.
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